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Waist Gang FAQ

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  • What Is Waist Training?
    Waist training is a process where one can resculpt and reshape the waist with the use of a steel boned waist belt. Over time the waist belt helps to decrease the size of your waist giving the body a more hourglass shape.
  • How does waist training work?
    When worn over long periods of time the waist trainer begins to mold and cinch the waistline. With constant wear the pressure from the steel bones within the waist trainer will begin to push in the waistline to create the hourglass figure.
  • Does waist training actually work? When will i see results?
    YES! I always say waist training works if you work. You will see results in as little as a month if you wear it consistently, eat clean, drink water and exercise. The more consistent you are the better your results. However, you CAN NOT just waist train alone and expect dramatic results.
  • Do I wear my waist trainer under or over my clothing?
    You should ALWAYS wear your waist trainer over a thin t-shirt or camisole to prevent friction between your skin and the waist trainer. As you wear your waist trainer throughout the day it causes sweat and bacteria to build up under the trainer. That sweat and bacteria can cause a rash because it's rubbing directly onto your skin. Always wear a t-shirt to prevent any skin irritations.
  • What size waist trainer do I purchase?
    Ashleys Waist Gang trainers go by weight and height. It is imperative that you be honest with yourself about your weight so you can choose the correct size. Please DO NOTget a smaller size or you will not be able to wear it.
  • Is my waist trainer too small? Too big?
    Your waist trainer will feel a bit snug and uncomfortable when you first put it on however after a day or two it should mold around your body and feel a bit more comfortable. If it starts feeling unbearable after 3 days or more it may be to small. If you find yourself throwing it to the back of your closet or struggling to put it on it is to small. If your waist trainer is to big you will notice because it doesn't feel like its pulling you in. It may feel too “comfortable” or like you have nothing on when you first put it on.
  • Do I need to wash my waist trainer?
    Yes! You need to wash your waist trainer at least once a week. If you're wearing your waist trainer consistently you will NEED to wash it to rinse any sweat or bacteria that may have built up on it.
  • Can I put my waist trainer in the washing machine?
    NO. I always always always suggest that you hand wash your waist trainer to extend the life span and keep it in tack. Hand wash it in warm water with the soap of your choice and let it HANG DRY. DO NOT put it in the dryer.
  • Can I sleep in my waist trainer?
    NO! Your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate. Give your body a break.
  • Are waist trainers only for women?
    No, waist training is for everyone. If you're looking to improve and sculpt your midsection this is for you.
  • Do I have to continue wearing a waist trainer after I achieve my results?
    Yes, to maintain your results you need to continue wearing your waist trainer, eating clean, exercising and drinking water. You may not need to wear it as much but it is still an integral part of your lifestyle.
  • What is the best waist trainer?
    Ashleys Waist Gang. Our waist trainers are high quality and will help you achieve the best waistline.
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