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The Story of "The Waist"

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The Start

Working as a celebrity makeup artist inspired the birth of AshleysWaistGang. After getting the opportunity to work with celebrities, Ashley felt inspired to transform her body. She wanted to look more fit, refined, polished and baaad! At the time Ms. Dalton didn't have the money for surgery or fancy Hollywood beauty treatments, so she decided to hit the gym. After working out, eating clean, training with a professional, and completely transforming her lifestyle she still didn’t quite achieve the “body goals” she desired.

Ashley began to research “how to achieve an hourglass shape” and waist training began to populate the screen. At the time in 2016 waist training was just becoming popular but it was still considered taboo. She began wearing her waist trainer every day, literally, it became an obsession. Over time people began to notice how tiny her waist was and started to ask how she achieved her results. 

Building the Brand

After recommending countless brands Ashley decided to create a line of her own. A brand that would not only help you get snatched physically but mentally. You would walk away with a bomb body and a better mindset!

As her brand began to grow Ms. Dalton realized that this journey that she started on was soooo much bigger than her waist. Her words, her story inspired others to feel more confident, more patient, and more encouraged to create the body they desired. They begin to realize that it's okay if they didn't look like her or the girls on Instagram. They begin to realize that their body, their results were more than enough. It helped to grow their confidence and self-esteem which made them think less about their waist and more about who they are. 

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Ashley Waist Gang's mission is to create new levels of possibilities in the bodies and minds of women through waist training. Waist training is just a vessel to help them create healthier, fuller, confident and a more active lifestyle. We welcome women of all body types and physiques. 

The Mission

The Motto

Drink your water and mind your business!

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