Grow on Tik Tok In the next 30 days
Growing on TikTok Doesn't
Have To Be Hard..

Let me make growing on TikTok easy. You’ve already decided that growing on TikTok is important to you. What are you waiting for? You know this opportunities like this

don't last forever. The algorithm will continue to make it harder to reach your audience.

 It's only going to get harder to grow. Stop dreaming about growing on TikTok

and get started today. You’ve got nothing to lose.

You’re only one post away from completely changing your life.. You’ve seen it happen to so many creators and now it’s your chance. This One on One will help you through all of the hard parts which include what, when and how you should post to help you see some real growth!

It doesn't matter how little views or followers you have... or how saturated your niche is I will help you GROW with this one on one session. Ive had students in the past go from 100 views to over 50K views with my strategy. The reason I can guarantee growth is because I have done it for MYSELF and have done the hard part. So I Know what works and what changes you should make for growth!


How It Works:

After scheduling your One on One Call you're going to be sent an email so we can schedule a call via ZOOM to go over your Tik Tok profile in depth. All the advice you'll receive will be tailored to your niche, audience and profile. 

Not only is this 1 on 1 all  going to help you grow on TikTok. It’s also going to make it WAY easier. 

Right now you probably spend way too much time creating content and coming up with ideas. and NOTHING is really working..  That is going to be 100x easier once I’m telling you what to post and how to improve your content. 

While you're working on the course, I'll be building out your personalized plan for growing on TikTok. This will include:

  • When to post

  • What to post

  • How many times to post a day

  • What hashtags to use

  • Where to find trends

  • The latest trends 


After you complete the course and receive your personalized plan we'll talk a few days a week to help critique and improve your content. If you want guaranteed growth on TikTok in 30 days or less than this is what you need.

The lowest amount of followers anyone has ever gained from this program (after following all of my advice) was 6,500 followers.

In fact, the average person gains over 50,000 followers… and I’m going to guess that you’re above average since you’re this serious about growing on TikTok. 

The only risk that you have is not signing up for this program since there are limited spaces available. 

Unfortunately, since we’ll be working so closely I can only work with a few creators a month (and I’m about to close registration - if you wait any longer there’s a chance you won’t be able to get in)

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